Growing a beard doesn’t have to be expensive

Beard Care

Growing beard has become one of the fashion accessories for a man. There are many cultures in the world among them some of them believe that power of man depends on the thick and rugged growth of beard. The growth of mustache and beard is not easy and the person should be determined and patient. The growth of beard is directly proportional to testosterone levels of that person, along with these hormone levels your food habits and nature helps to hair grow faster. There are some basic steps that need to be followed such as taking care of your body as it is directly related to the growth of facial hair. A person should be stress-free, do more exercise. Use a scrub to remove dead layers of skin which will help for growth of facial hair partially, clean your face twice a day with mild soap in combination with warm water. A person needs to be committed and should not give up as the time taken for the growth of beard is 4 weeks and people may give up due to various reasons like uncontrollable itching. Keep your diet with full of vitamins and nutrients finally usage of beard balm or beard oil. Beard balm is made by heating mixing and cooling moisturizers including sealants and beard oils are made by usage of moisturizer, conditioner with oil blends and fragrance oils.

Beard balm is used for styling and shaping, it should not have synthetic sealants as they may damage your beard and hair follicles of facial hair. A good balm should be able to moisturize facial hair, styling and beard look thicker.

Beard oil is easy to use moisturizer and can also act as deodorizer and cologne. Select beard oil that contains essential oils and scented. Is Beard balm vs oil  a good comparison, both are different but have their own advantages.

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