Limousine Ride Experience

Have you ever asked a customer why you booked a limousine in your company for a party buses and not with one of your competitors?

This one question can say a lot about what you do well and what you do badly to attract customers. Customer service is the provision of services to customers before, during and after the purchase. Most limousine companies focus exclusively on the limousine experience, which is very important, but equally important is the experience before and after the ride. Adding extra accents can make your customers find something for themselves and make your limousine service stand out from the rest.

1.) How do you greet your customers when they call your limousine company? Nobody should ever ask if they have achieved such and such a business. You should always politely identify your limousine business and welcome customers in a warm tone and not as if they were inconvenient for you.

2.) Do you use jargon, terms that are used in your industry but may not be known to your customer? Terms such as garage garage are known in the industry, but are not known to customers, so be polite and explain it to them.

3.) Does your website provide customers with price details? Nobody likes hidden costs, don’t ruin your customer’s limousine experience by adding charges that you didn’t tell them about in the original quote. Be transparent. Use limousine software that allows you to give detailed prices in real time.

4.) Do you immediately provide your customers with price offers? Do you remember an early bird? A limousine company that first gets the right information to the customer has a better chance of making a booking because they are the first to provide information that solves the needs of their customers. Build your limousine reputation with limousine software.

5.) Don’t answer the phone unless you really intend to provide your customers with a solution for their limousine needs. If you do not or are unable to do so, do not answer the phone. It is better not to leave an impression than a bad impression.

6.) Have you received all the details of the ride in writing? There is nothing like a simple communication error to ruin your limousine experience. Download all the details in writing so that your driver has all the details pre-planned.

7.) Did you have a customer who stated that he called you with information about the change, but you only checked your e-mail address before making the reservation? Make sure that all your communications are managed and synchronized with each other to avoid possible disasters.

8.) Do all your drivers provide the same luxurious experience? Why is McDonald’s world famous? Because they provide the same experience all over the world. They have a golden process that works because it is carried out every time. We all know that every time we order burger cheese, we get the same taste every time. Provide your customers with the same unique experience every time they book with you and they come back.

9.) After your limousine business has provided them with a service, will you keep track of your customers? Today’s consumers are more experienced and will find ways to promote or degrade your business. Prevent bad reviews on social networks by following your customers. If the customer was unhappy with something, make sure you offer them something like a discount on future services and give them a better experience. Customers are very valuable and remember that they pay for your services.

10.) Do you send thanks to your customers? By following it with a simple thank you note and a discount on your next booking, you will distinguish your limousine company from the rest.

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