New Fast Food trends: reinventing fast food

New Fast Food trends: reinventing fast food fast food is not healthy and that is no longer a secret for anyone. However, because it is so exquisite, we all fall into temptation, even if from time to time. As a result, the fast food sector has become a highly competitive arena, where innovative ideas and trends arise for all tastes and needs.

An industry that tries to adapt to the tastes and needs of the consumer
It is, then, an industry that tries to adapt, every day, to the needs of a society that is increasingly aware of the need for good health, while almost requiring us to be in good shape and look good in front of others. Now, in the midst of this innovative eagerness (which is not bad, nor lacked any more), the sector tends to create new needs that are non-existent, because of its obvious commercial interests.

On the other hand, but in the same order of ideas, let us say that, in addition to the need to eat a healthy diet, there is an increasingly strict and demanding regulation, with the labeling of products and the use of ingredients that are not harmful to health. All this has led the large (and medium-sized, too) companies in the sector to make an effort to offer the public products that are more suitable for a nutritionally balanced diet.

The  paradoxical contradiction between consumer wishes and industry claims
If the amounts of sugars, fats and salt were reduced, corporations would be contributing to the good health of mankind. However, customers love this kind of substance, without which they would not seem to be able to live happily. We are, then, at a crossroads that seems quite difficult to elucidate, although an attempt is being made.

Within the “catalogue” of these attempts, we have the combination between two concepts that seem irreconcilable, as is the case of “organic” and “fast food”. However, it is the current philosophy of some companies and restaurants around the world that, by the way, offer this type of food for all hours of the day, that is, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Among the dishes that can be found in these innovative proposals, we have salads with grilled salmon, gluten-free pancakes and red fruits, in addition to exquisite egg wraps. All these and other delicacies, are made without added sugars, with local products and ingredients that are 100% organic, while being offered at relatively affordable prices.

There are also hamburgers without bread (which do not seem to be any healthier than traditional hamburgers), foods that are part of the trend known as “Fast-Casual”, “Tex-Mex” and “Super personalized recipes”, among many other novel offers. In any case, all these proposals must be analyzed very carefully.